Rules (make sure you read them)

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Rules (make sure you read them)

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:29 pm

Here is a very important aspect of the server. Makes sure you take time to read it by entering the server you agree to these terms.

General server rules

1.No Kos (kill on sight). Any video evidence showing you killing on sight will result on a ban.

2.Do not break character. Failing to keep in character may result in a ban.

3.No racism. We will not support any racist comments or nicknames.

4.Having a working microphone

5.Do not exploit / hack /

6.Do not use the side chat as a war-zone if you need to address a issue with a player do so on teamspeak or in private.

7.Anyone doing false player reports exposes himself into a temporary ban that may or may not result in a perm ban.


Please refer to the proper format written inside the player reporting section.
Failing to do so will just make your post take more time to be treated.


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